Installing Samba on Ubuntu Server

Installing Samba on Ubuntu Server

Introduction of Samba

  • Samba is a program that can bridge the complexity of the various platforms of Linux operating systems ( UNIX ) with Windows machines running in a computer network . Samba is an application of UNIX and Linux , known as SMB (Service Message Block ) protocol . Many operating systems such as Windows and OS / 2 that uses SMB to create a client / server network . Samba protocol allows the server Linux / UNIX to communicate with client machines that use the Windows OS in a single network.
  • Samba is a software that works on Operating System like linux , unix and windows that use the SMB network protocol ( server massage block ) . Smb is a data communication protocol that is also used by Microsoft and OS / 2 to show the function of client – server network that provides file and printer sharing and other tasks related.
  • Samba is a set of applications that aim to allow the computer with the operating system Linux , BSD ( or other UNIX ) can act as a file and print server based SMB protocol ( session message block ).

Samba functions

  • Linking between Linux machines (UNIX) with Windows machines. As quite a lot of software functions that can be performed by a samba software, ranging from bridge file sharing, sharing device, PDC, firewall, DNS, DHCP, FTP, webserver, as the gateway, mail server, proxy and others. Remote facilities such as telnet and ssh are also available. One other advantage is the application settings that are no longer just text based, but also graphical ie swat. Put the machine Linux / UNIX as PDC (Primary Domain Controller) as is done by the Windows NT network.

Samba server installation

Here are the steps to install samba on ubuntu server .

a. Do ssh remote into a server using putty , then using apt -get install package samba -common and samba.


b . After the installation is complete do checks samba version installed.


c . Perform the required installation packet dependency is python – glade and system – config – samba


d . Perform the default samba configuration file backup and then delete and create a new configuration file .


e . Enter the new configuration in the smb.conf file and create a shared folder with the name of the path that leads SMBShare directory / samba / share


f . Change permissions on a shared folder acces to the directory / samba / share to be able to do the read and write on folder sharing SMBShare


g . Do restart for service samba server and wait until the service is running .


h . For access the samba share folder, it can be done by entering the hostname or IP directly in Windows Explorer .

ScreenShot026i. Right click on the folder sharing and create a new document text file



j. Give the name Test Documents and files will be created on the samba server has

ScreenShot028k. Log back into the server and do check the folder / samba / share, if the file has been created in that folder. This means the samba server has been installed and configured succes.


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